The Information and Cultural Section of the Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh took the initiative in forming an Association of Bangladeshi Nationals who had earned academic degrees from Japanese universities. A section of such individuals gathered at the beginning of March in a Korean restaurant in Gulshan to discuss the issue. The participants at the meeting agreed that such an Association should be formed to further strengthen the cultural and academic relations between Bangladesh and Japan. They volunteered to work as an adhoc committee for a proposed Japanese Universities Alumni Association in Bangladesh (JUAAB). Prof. Alauddin Ahmed, Advisor to Honourable Prime Minister, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and a former Monbusho Scholar was made convener, to draft a Constitution for the Association and to initiate the process of forming its first executive committee according to that Constitution. The intention to create the Association and its adhoc committee was publicly announced at the dinner hosted by the Embassy for Monbusho scholars at the 'Sajna restaurant', Gulshan on 28th March 2000. The idea of JUAAB and the adhoc committee along with its term of reference was endorsed with the wholehearted support of the assembled scholars. A timeframe of six months was stipulated for the adhoc committee to complete its assigned tasks.

The adhoc committee later entrusted Prof. Ishtiaq Mahmud to act as its Member Secretary. The adhoc committee met eight times to draft the Constitution, befitting the Association through detailed discussions and careful scrutiny of the ideas and opinions received from the members of the Association. By 20th July 2000 a draft Constitution was ready which was subsequently circulated among would-be members for their comments and suggestions. The Constitution was finalized and adopted unanimously in the presence of Mr. Yasuhiko Tanaka, Director, Information and Cultural Section of the Embassy of Japan. A Council of Advisers and an Election Commission were formed as per the Constitution on 28th August, 2000, at the 9th meeting of the adhoc committee. The committee also decided  29th September 2000 as the date for the first Annual General Meeting/Election of the Association and for handing over the responsibilities of the Association to its first Executive Committee.

Members of the adhoc committee were as follows:

1. Prof. Alauddin Ahmed
Advisor to Honourable Prime Minister, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
2. Mr. Sheikh Ahmed Jalal
Former Diplomat
3. Dr. A. K. M. Moazzem Hussain
AOTS Dhaka Office
4. Prof. Mahmudul Haque
Institute of Fine Arts
University of Dhaka, Dhaka
5. Mr. Momtazuddin Bhuiyan
Chairman and MD
Imam Fishing Ltd.
6. Prof. Ishtiaq Mahmud
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of Dhaka, Dhaka
7. Dr. Motiur Rahman Molla
Associate Professor
Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College, Dhaka
8. Dr. M. A. Matin
Associate Professor
Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka
9. Dr. K. M. Maniruzzaman
Assistant Professor
Department of URP
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka


Prof. Ishtiaq Mahmud was elected as the first President of JUAAB which started functioning at its new office at Rowshan Tower on Panthapath / Green Road crossing. After a few months, Prof. Ishtiaq Mahmud had to leave for Oman on a long time assignment and Prof. Aminul Islam (Vice President-1) performed the duty as the Acting President of JUAAB. On expiry of the 1st term (of two years) of the Executive Committee, Prof. Md. Mozammel Hoq became the President and he continued in this post for two terms. After that, Prof. Aminul Islam became the President. During his term, the JUAAB office was shifted three times, finally settled down at the present premises at the 2nd floor of Suvastu Chrintoni Tower, 26 Indira Road, Farmgate, Dhaka 1215. Prof. Aminul Islam was succeeded by Prof. A.K.M. Moazzem Hussain as the President for 2 years and 3 months. During his tenure, MOFA's Grant Aid and the Membership of Sakura Network in the JUAAB's Japanese Language School were achieved. The proposal of "JUAAB Foundation" was initiated during this time. Then, Prof. Md. Khurshed Alam Bhuiyan became the President of JUAAB for the term April 2011 - March 2013 and Mr. Hideki Igawa, the present Head of the Information and Cultural Section of the Embassy of Japan, started to give more support to JUAAB Activities.


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